My name’s Kalana Vithana and I’m a Digital Creative from Melbourne, Australia.

I’m currently working as a software engineer at

About Me
Passionate about building products with technology to increase the net good in the world. I love working with talented people and bringing creative visions to life.

Surprisingly enough, I initially wanted to go to film school. I loved the concept of bringing a bunch of people together from different disciplines, all channeling their brains to bringing this concise, perfected sequence of images together in front of people’s faces on the silver screen.

I ultimately decided that following this pipe dream would be too risky, but I was surprised to discover through my computer science degree that these same processes apply for software engineering too! And the best part, the creative possibilities with open source tools available to us is virtually endless!

So I’ve made it my mission to forge myself a career where I can still apply myself creatively. I’m just getting started, and if you think I’d be fun to work with on your next project or at your awesome workplace, please reach out to me here.

In my spare time, I love making Spotify playlists, attending and reviewing indie film screenings, and mindlessly scrolling through Twitter.

I usually build things for the web. I love TypeScript, Next.js and fully serverless architectures like Firebase. It’s my favourite stack at the moment.


I’m currently proud of a few little things.

  • 2M+ users from over 90 countries across projects.
  • 600k daily sessions at peak on musictaste.
  • $3000+ raised for charity from Space Race.
  • 1 house plant currently not dead due to my incompetence.