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In the six months I worked at REALas, I was able to deliver several features for both our internal admin panel as well on our public frontend.

I also learned heaps about CI/CD pipelines, agile methodologies, API development and was fortunate enough to have my AWS Cloud Practitioner certification sponsored by the company. Here’s a selection of some of the features I worked on.

Clanger detection system

REALas makes tens of thousands of property price predictions every week. Sometimes, usually due to data errors, we make erroneous predictions. The clanger detection system attempts to capture potential errors and flag them for manual review.

As part of this project, I had to develop a lambda to listen to new predictions coming in through an SQS notification stream and determine whether the prediction is likely to be a “clanger”. If a property is likely to be a clanger, this property is flagged on a separate database linked to our admin panel, where I built a full UI to inspect and resolve these predictions.